I decided to pivot my career into experience design after working in higher education for over 12 years at Northwestern University. Most of my experience while there was in design, data analysis, and operations, and I see UX as a great avenue to leverage my background and focus on what I enjoy most: building and improving systems and solving problems.


A B2B veterinary telehealth startup that provides off-hours teletriage support. We focused on improving call management to help the staff complete their calls more efficiently and accurately.

A11YChi Meetup

A monthly digital accessibility and inclusive design meetup in Chicago. We developed content strategy, information architecture, and a testable, coded prototype to ensure that the site was accessible to screen reader users.

Acre Produce

A mobile grocery shopping app targeting socially-concious urban professionals who want food that's fresh and ethically produced.

Chicago Public Library

An community-focused mobile app for the Chicago Public Library.

AIGA Chicago

A mobile-first platform to support the AIGA mentorship program focused on increasing mentee engagement.


I wanted to refresh and expand my web development skill set, and as it turns out, the web has changed quite a bit since the early 2010’s! I attended Northwestern Coding Bootcamp where I brushed up on my HTML and CSS and dug into things like Javascript, Node, and React. I really enjoy coding, and I’m excited to find opportunities to integrate it into my design practice.

greenSpots Chicago

Mobile-responsive mapping app used to display and engage with information about green amenities and infrastructure in and around the city of Chicago.

Roles: UI design, logo/branding

Built with Google Maps API, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Firebase, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Internet of Plants

Automated gardening application allows user to monitor and remotely control lights and watering hardware.

Roles: Front-end dev, UI, charts, logo/branding

Built with Javascript, Node.js, Express, MySql, D3.js


Blood sugar tracker app that allows user to log and monitor glucose levels.

Roles: Front-end dev, UI, charts, logo/branding

Built with React, MongoDB, Mongoose, D3.js, React-Faux-DOM, Reactstrap


I learned the fundamentals of how to use a camera while studying media production at the University of Iowa, and I started taking photos as a way to document travels. In addition to being a hobby, photography keeps finding its way into my professional life, whether it’s taking headshots, shooting events, or documenting the designer experience at Designation.


In my former life as a musician, I started recording my own band out of necessity, and it later became a way to help make ends meet between tours. After retiring from the road, I put together a home studio and had the opportunity to record and mix a handful of albums and EPs with some great Chicago-area bands.



Recorded and mixed by Josh Miller
Mastered by Carl Saff

Pitcairn EP

Ghastly Menace

Recorded and mixed by Josh Miller
Mastered by Brian Zieske


Kid, You'll Move Mountains

Recorded by Kid, You'll Move Mountains
Mixed by Josh Miller
Mastered by Trevor Sadler

Fuzzy Dreams


Recorded and mixed by Josh Miller
Mastered by Dan Stout

We Love You EP

We Love You

Recorded and mixed by Josh Miller
Mastered by Carl Saff